Cairo Pyramids by bus from Sharm el Sheikh One Day Excursion

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Adults: 55 €
Children: 55 €

Cairo Pyramids by bus from Sharm el Sheikh One Day Excursion


Cairo and Pyramids by bus from Sharm el Sheikh One Day, Get you from your hotel in Sharm El Shiekh to Cairo somewhere in the range of 1:00 and 2:00 am , drive for around 6 hours via cool transport or mentor , it will be a major mentor with a latrine , soda pop and water .Your day will begin with visiting the public Egyptian Museum where in excess of 120 000 pieces are displayed , you will investigate the gallery and find all the assortment of the historical center for around 2 hours it is the following stage in Cairo trip, you will appreciate with cruising along the Nile on a little boat and watch touring’s of Cairo from the nil. Next up is a break for some lunch on the Nile; this will be a huge smorgasbord with food varieties to cook for all, prior to going to visit the pyramids, sphinx. At that point visit the most seasoned of the seven miracles of the antiquated world, the Pyramids of Giza are the very explanation a many individuals come to Egypt, and seeing them close-up never frustrates. After you have seen the pyramids of Cairo, your next stop will be the Sphinx. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a legendary animal, shaped of a lion’s body and a human head. After you have seen the pyramids, sphinx and other astonishing sights that Cairo has to bring to the table, you will at that point be given some an ideal opportunity for shopping on the planet well known markets of Cairo and aroma industrial facility. At that point you will be moved back to your inn in Sharm El Sheik.. Cairo and Pyramids by bus from Sharm el Sheikh

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum Located in the focal region on the edge of Medan Tahir Opened in 1902.

Its acknowledgment was planned to oblige the memory of Ancient Egypt. Inside the gallery houses the biggest archeological assortment in the realm of declarations tracing all the way back to that time. Around 120,000 curios, including the substance of the burial chamber of Tutankhamen and a large portion of the mummies found since the nineteenth century. The declarations in plain view date back to a verifiable period between the beginnings of the Old Kingdom (around tracing all the way back to 2700 BC) up to the Greek-Roman time frame.


Enjoy a relaxing and fantastic trip for 40 minutes, far from the noise of the city sailboat (Felucca) on the Nile. Or sit in our café at the Nile for relax.


Incredible pyramids of Giza situated in the doors of Cairo. They are popular over each of them three: Chevron, Micron and, the most renowned, Cheops; completely lined up with the stars of the Orion belt. Cheops is the just one of the seven miracles of the Ancient World actually standing. It is the biggest, with its 140 meters of tallness, and the most established on the planet; its development started truth be told around 2500 BC.


An integral part of the funeral complex of Chevron is the Sphinx; the gigantic lion crouched by the human face in which they wanted to recognize the somatic features of the pharaoh.

Shopping in Cairo

We shop at the Bazar, Perfume and Papyrus market After this fantastic day in Cairo, you go to the airport to take the flight to Sharm El Sheikh where at the airport our bus takes you to the hotel.

Adults :

55 €

Children :

55 €

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Duration :

24 hours

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Included :

Air conditioned transportation - Bus Tickets - Entrance Fees of Pyramids, Egyptian Museum - Professional Tour Guide.

Not Included :

Entrance fees of the Mummy room, inside the Egyptian museum - Drinks - Optional Gratuities - Entrance to any of the Kings Pyramids.

Take With You :

passport - What to Expect - Visit one of the oldest histories in all over the world Egypt - Pyramids & sphinx & old Egypt - Cairo by bus is fantastic day still forever in your mind

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